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Customers use Tri-State Coating and Machine for the manufacturing of new internal pump components and or using our facility to refurbish their existing components to like new condition.  Below are some of the applications customers come to Tri-State Coating for:


New Parts

Precision Boiler Feed Pump Parts such as (Shafts, Sleeves, Case Rings, Wear Rings, Stage Pieces, Etc.)

Hard Coated Bearing and Seal Fits areas on Shafts

Hard Coated Sleeves and Non-Coated Sleeves

Hard Coated Shafts and Non-Coated Shafts

Hard Coated Wear Rings and Non-Coated Wear Rings

Hard Coated Case Rings and Non-Coated Case Rings

Lantern Rings


Impeller Nuts

Customized machining to provided castings

Hard Coating internals of Pump Casings

Hard Coating Stuffing Box Back Plates

Hard Coating Impellers

Reciprocating Hard Coated Piston Plungers and Non-Coated Piston Plungers


Repair and Refurbishing

Welding and re-decking split case pumps

Spraying worn bearing housing fits on bearing housings

Refurbishing worn bearing and seal fits on shafts

Repairing worn impellers

Trimming impellers

Repairing worn impeller fits on impellers

Repairing worn shaft sleeves

Repairing worn case rings

Repairing worn impeller rings

Repair Reciprocating Piston Plungers

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