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Real Tough Hard Coated Sleeves

Marine Division


Real Tough Hard Coated Sleeves

It's not only our slogan at Tri-State Coating and Machine, it's our way of life! We know that the abuse that workboats, pushboats, and tug boats endure from dirty, brackish, and corrosive salt water call for liners that are a cut above the rest.  We have more than 27 years experience working with workboats, pushboats, and tugs operating in abrasive-laden waters. Click here for more info >

Industrial Division


Thermal Hard Coatings

Tri-State Coating and Machine specializes in utilizing thermal hard coatings (such as fused coatings, HVOF coatings, ceramic coatings, and many more) to solve all you're rotating part and related component needs. OEMs and end users alike come to Tri-State Coating and Machine for their most severe wear problems. Click here for more info >

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