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Real Tough Hard Coated Sleeves

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From the brackish waters of the gulf, the silty sandy waters of the inland water ways such as the Mississippi, or even the blue salty coastal waterways, let TSC handle all your tail shaft liner needs.


Real Tough Hard Coated Sleeves

It's not only our slogan at Tri-State Coating and Machine, it's our way of life! We know here at TSC that the abuse that workboats, pushboats, and tug boats endure from dirty, brackish, and corrosive salt water call for liners that are a cut above the rest. We have more than 25 years experience working with workboats, pushboats, and tugs operating in abrasive-laden waters.


Wear Life

Studies show that by using a Nickle-Chrome-Boron (NCB) sleeve that it will increase the life 2 to 3 times that of a conventional Bronze, Stainless Steel, or even a Heat Treated Sleeve! Also we cylindrical grind each sleeve to a mirror finish to reduce friction and increase the longevity of the sleeve. Longer wear life means less downtime, and reduced maintenance cost saving you money.


Other components TSC makes new or repairs for the Marine Industry:

• Marine Propulsion Shafting up to 20 feet in length

• Dry Dock Centrifugal Vertical Pumps

• New Jockey Bars with coating

• Repair Seal Fits on Mechanical Seal Sleeve for Mechanical Seal

• Bushings


Manufactured New

Hard Coated Tail Shaft Liners

Rudder Shafts

Propulsion Shafts

Jocky Pins


Steering Arms

Tube Shafts

Stub Shafts

Flange Shafts

Mechanical Seal Sleeves

Rudder Stock



Repair and Refurbishing

Repair worn tail shafts

Repair worn jocky pins

Repair worn mechanical seal sleeves

Repair steering arms

Repair propeller hub bores

Repair Vertical Dock Pumps

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